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So sorry for the recent lack of Luff U_U [Dec. 12th, 2006|10:35 am]
For Those Who Love Jason Statham


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Gah!! It makes me upset that I haven't been as attentive to this community as I should, having started it and all. *sigh* All I can say is it's been a tough and busy past few weeks for me. If there is anyone who would like to help with this site, I'd be totally grateful. I've seen some pple making Icons n stuff which is awesome, but I never know if you'd like me to use them on the site or not. I'm kind of a dork that way u_u. Sadly I don't have the money to get extra icon space for the com so I can't keep that many icons. Once Christmas is over I can probably scrounge up some to take care of that. For this reason I like the icons to be you know special for the site. If that made any sense, lol. Donations are highly appreciated and welcome. If given I promise you will be WIDELY noted in the user info and in a post. Heck anyone who sends me personally something specific just for the site will be! I'll put my e-mail at the bottom of this post. The reason I say this is b/c I know I love when my work is recognized. So if you send it to me first you will get that recognition and more then if you'd like you or I can post them for the masses or they can be specific to the site. Comment or e-mail me to tell me if I'm on crack or you like the idea. I'm hoping for a Christmas theme icon. I can try to make one myself, but it would be awesome to get one from you guys!!!! ^___^

As always MAD LUFF for all of our members, you guys RAWK!!!

E-mail as promised: otaku-dreamer@hotmail.com


[User Picture]From: phoenix_tempest
2006-12-14 04:45 am (UTC)
I'd L-O-V-E to help.
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[User Picture]From: ayasrose
2006-12-14 04:02 pm (UTC)
AWESOME!!!! Let me know what you're available to do. How often you check lj and well what you'd be willing/like to help with ^__^ My computer is being gay so for the moment I had to remove a lot of programs, some of those being my adobe picture edditing stuff. So like I said in the post I could really use some help with icon making angeneral art stuff. If that's not up your alley no prob. Just let me know what you think you'd like to do and I'm dang near posetive I'll be oh so glad for the help ^____^

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[User Picture]From: phoenix_tempest
2006-12-14 06:16 pm (UTC)
I get online nearly every day, save for the two days a week I work (until they give me more hours, *sigh*) and the occasional extra day. This weekend though, I'll be offline for about two or three days.

I write fic, make icons/banners, and i've been on lj for about..7 years now. I also have DJ codes if you'd like to move over there, I have connections at Xanga, Blurty, and GJ. I have 5 years mod experience, (and I'm a huge Jason fan...that's a requirement though, methinks!) and I can add affiliates to the group, here on lj.

So I'm pretty much able to do anything you need me to.

AIM: zerothtoeternity
E-mail: hellfire_zell@yahoo.com
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