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For Those Who Love Jason Statham
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Hello, I decided it was high time Mr. Statham had an lj community all to himself!! Anything about Jason is welcome. Be it icons, wallpapers, or just sharing your love. Please be as on topic as possible, if you want to post icons or a collage of pictures that aren't only of Jason that is fine, but please be sure to include him somewhere. I started this community so fans like me could have some place to go that focused solely on him and not have to try and find him in a post at random.

I'm a very easy going person so if you have any suggestions about improving this place don't hesitate to let me know! With that enjoy!!

Jason Statham Is Luff

I was told this would be a good link to have. ^__^ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005458/

An awesome picture site: http://fan-sites.org/statham/gallery/index.php?sessionid=a216ce32c2c4a9948180451353baf85b